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Moving to the Catskills many years ago was one of the best ideas ever.

Not only is it freakin’ gorgeous here, but the amount of eclectic, awesome people in this one beautiful spot on the planet is pretty astounding. The talent, imagination and resourcefulness of my ever-growing group of friends and acquaintances never cease to amaze.

No wonder they’re constantly creating new music, new ventures, new fun places to go. These Catskills folks’ brains are like the mountains after a sudden rain; water carving new streams down the mountain because there’s just too much to contain on the traditional paths. It all overflows into one more song, one more painting, one more out-of-the-way, out-of-the box, out-of-your-mind idea. And usually a good one, too.

As more people catch on to the magic of the Catskills, more great stuff happens. Over the last few years it’s been getting harder and harder to keep track of everything that’s going on. So many Monday mornings bring friends’ photos of shows missed, openings unvisited, bands unheard.

This summer of 2017 promises to be the most happening yet. There are so many new buzzy venues, great places to spend an evening, surprising pop-ups, chill places and exciting performers to see. Those of us who live here feel it in the air, and the media is full of stories about all the things going on up here in this part of the Hudson Valley. Keeping track of it all has become a challenge.

For a long time, we’ve been thinking about a way to collect all this bounty in one basket, and Catskillist is an attempt at weaving it all together. We hope you find this site, the social media channels and the emails (please sign up!) to be a helpful resource, a go-to for what to do, and a way to celebrate and participate in all the richness of life in these hills.


Laurie Osmond




Photo credit: Phil Mansfield

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